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To introduce new products, generate new leads, make new sales and increase your market share, sign up for a booth!

2018 Cost Per Square Foot:

Early Space Draw
March 3
Space Draw
April 28
 Post Space Draw
April 28
NRCA Members

599 sq. ft. or less  
600 sq. ft. - 999 sq. ft.

1,000 sq. ft. - 1,999 sq. ft. 


  2,000 sq. ft. or more    $29.75 $30.50 $30.50
   599 sq. ft. or less  

600 sq. ft. - 999 sq. ft.

1,000 sq. ft. - 1,999 sq. ft 


  2,000 sq. ft. or more     $30.25 $31.00$31.00
These rates are per square foot. 


Each booth package allows you access to different events during the 2018 IRE. While the Early Bird Package is your best option in terms of value, this chart demonstrates what is included with each booth package.  Other items such as sponsorship packages are available ala carte. See the Exhibitor Service Manual [ESM] for the information you need to complete your booth setup.

Booth contracted Through April 28

Booth contracted
After April 28

     first-come, first-served, 
no discount



STEP 1 - Begin a Contract
Complete the Online Booth Contract or download a PDF Booth Contract

STEP 2 - Exhibiting Information
The booth application captures the man exhibit booth details including your booth choices and booth contact information.  The contract displays the current exhibit space rate and an area to enter total square footage.  You will want to view the Floor Plan to make your selections.  Enter your preferred booth options on the contract.

STEP 3 - Adding Sponsorships
As part of the application process, you will want to review the  Sponsorship Opportunities Grid.

STEP 4 - The Fine Print
Lastly, the form asks you to add a primary and invoice contact to your account. View the list of  Exhibit Terms & Conditions on the second page of the contract.

STEP 5 - Submit Your Contract
The application is 99% complete! Submit your Booth Contract with your payment option for approval by Show Management. 

STEP 6:  Confirmation
Please note that your application is pending until you receive a confirmation email with a copy of your approved Exhibit Contract, Terms & Conditions and Request for Deposit (if applicable).  Invoices will be emailed to the primary contact on the application.

  • Credit Card: VISA, MasterCard or American Express  Download Credit Card Form
  • Check: Company Check made payable to International Roofing Expo
  • Bank/Wire Transfer: Please contact 972.536.6350 or 888.869.8522 for wire transfer information.

International Roofing Expo
6191 N. State Hwy. 161, Suite 500
Irving, TX 75038    

Click to view the Floor Plan in 2 different formats: 
Floor Plan - interactive 


Don't know your e Code? Contact the IRE Sales Team
Please review the following to ensure that your display meets the booth specifications. If your booth does not meet these specifications, you must submit a rendering of your display to Show Management for review. All booths, regardless of size, are required to follow these guidelines.

Booth Configurations

In-Line Linear Booth

In-Line Booths have only one side exposed to an aisle and have at least one adjacent neighbor on either side of the booth.  Booths are most commonly 10’ wide by 10’ deep. No booth construction or signage may exceed 10’ in overall height. The maximum height of 10’ is permitted on the back 5’ section and a maximum height of 4’ is permitted on the front 5’ section. Please reference the diagram of allowable configurations. No hanging signage from the ceiling is allowed in an In-Line Booth.


Perimeter In-Line Booth

A Perimeter Booth is an In-Line Booth that is the outermost aisle of booths that do not back up to another booth.

All guidelines for In-Line (Linear) Booths apply to Perimeter Booths except that the maximum back wall height allowed on the back 5’ section is 14’. No hanging signage from ceiling is allowed in a Perimeter Booth. Please reference the drawing for a diagram of the allowable configurations.


In-Line with Canopies/Ceilings

Canopies, including ceilings, umbrellas and canopy frames,
can be either decorative or functional (such as to shade computer monitors from ambient light or for hanging products). Canopies for In-Line (Linear) or Perimeter Booths should comply with line of sight requirements. The base of the Canopy should not be lower than 7’ from the floor within 5’ of any aisle. Canopy supports should be no wider than 3.” This applies to any booth configuration that has a sightline restriction, such as an In-Line (Linear) Booth. Fire and safety regulations in many facilities strictly govern the use of canopies, ceilings and other similar coverings.


Island Booth

An Island Booth is any size booth exposed to aisles on all four sides of the booth with no adjacent neighbors.  Booth fixtures, components and signage will be permitted up to a maximum height of 22’. Hanging signs from the ceiling are permitted in Island Booths that are 400 square feet and larger, but the top of the sign may not exceed 22’ in overall height.


Split Island Booth

A Split Island Booth is a booth which shares a common back wall with another booth. The entire cubic content of this booth may be used, up to the maximum allowable height of 22’, without any back wall line of sight restrictions.  No signage is permitted on backside of back wall or within 5’ of the back wall.


See Booth Specs PDF

To avoid additional costs (i.e. design cost or tear down of an unapproved structure), please obtain written approval before beginning production or construction of display. All requests must be in writing; email or fax to or 972.536.6410. 

Questions?  Call Show Management at 972.536.6415.


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